Saturday, December 17, 2011

App Of The Day

I've had my iPhone for just about a month and I can't praise it enough. I was the generation Blackberry for many years but made the switch and I am really happy I did.

One of my favourite apps on the phone is Instagram.

It's a great way to take photos and share them with other Instagram, Facebook and Twitter folks. There are many filters to make that regular photo look like it was produced by the old and yet still amazing Polaroids. There are many different filters that can transform your photos. I enjoy the blur feature. It's a great way to make the focus of your photo pop! It's perfect! And you don't have to take a photo right away to use the Instagram. You can upload a photo to the app using the camera roll and voila, change up the photo the way you like.

I give this little app 5 stars!

If you'd like to follow me this is my Instagram name instagiguere

Here are some photos I took using the Instagram.

See you on Instagram :)
Sara xox

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